10 Premium Android Apps being deals on Play Store, updated on 21/5/20

Share a list of 20 paid apps for Android that are free and offer discounts on the Google Play store for a short period of time, invite you to consult and quickly download before the offer ends.

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DOWNLOAD Bird Mail Pro -Email App: / A powerful email client that gives you access to all your personal email accounts, easily set up for universal Email service providers variables like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook etc …

DOWNLOAD Split Apps – Multi Window apps – Dual Screen apps : FREE / Split Apps gives you the ability to open two applications on the same screen at the same time, can be used for many different purposes such as work, multimedia entertainment, just surfing the web while watching videos, etc. ..

DOWNLOAD Call Notes Pro : 23K (Reg. 70K ) / This is an interesting utility for those who have to make phone calls often. Especially allows users to create notes for each contact individually. (discounted)

DOWNLOAD Pedometer – GPS Tracker : FREE Pedometer – GPS Tracker is a great application for fitness walks, vacations or sports. Once started, Pedometer will track movement and use the built-in sensor to count your movements with extremely high accuracy

DOWNLOAD Coloring Book + : FREE (Reg. 168K ) / The Coloring Book + app brings you great art ideas, arousing the senses and creativity hidden inside you with over 450 different colors.

DOWNLOAD Screen On – Keep Screen awake – Keep Screen ON : FREE Utilities help users easily switch screen display mode (always on or depending on the default timeout), can be applied to quite a lot of different jobs

DOWNLOAD WOW Volume Manager – App volume control : FREE (Reg. 15K ) / Normally, to set the volume level for any system, ringtone, call or any application, you need to go to the settings or use it. physical volume adjustment button. However, with WOW Volume Manager – App volume control, all the volume adjustments on the device will be automated thanks to your previous settings!

DOWNLOAD Daily Wallpapers Pro – Auto Change Wallpapers : 20K (Reg. 35K ) / Daily Wallpapers Application – Auto change wallpapers (Auto change wallpapers every day) by Banana Studio provider helps you automatically change your wallpaper Home screen and lock screen by using wallpaper every day from Bing, Picsum Photos, or using the image folder specified by you on your device. 

DOWNLOAD Do Not Disturb – Call Blocker – Premium : If you don’t want to be disturbed in a meeting, an important appointment, at night or at any other event, this is the right app. You can choose to turn off the sound or block incoming calls completely, for the person who is calling you, your phone will be displayed as busy.

DOWNLOAD F-Stop Gallery Pro : 58K (Reg. 117K ) / If you want to find an application to hide images more simply, this is an option not to be missed. In addition, this application provides many other useful features such as Image Search with tags, ratings, camera models, etc.

View shooting locations if available View image data (EXIF, XMP, IPTC); Customizable image arrangements by drag and drop; Theme options for the application; Create nested directories; Access images from various sources; Manage images smarter and easier with name tags and specified colors; Option to hide / show the folder containing images according to user needs; Support viewing animations; Easily share photos with friends via social networks and online chat applications; Protect photos and videos with a password; Slideshow mode with many beautiful transition effects …