Free and discounted 8 paid Android game on Play Store

Update the aggregated list of paid Android titles that are free, short-term discounts on the Google Play store. These include a number of prominent names such as Sudoku Zen, Empire Warriors TD Premium, Football Drama, Bulb Boy, This Is the Police, OXXO, Rusty Memory Survival, Live or Die-Zombie Survival Pro, Titan Quest, Z.O.N. A Shadow of Lemansk Post, Stickman Ghost… Invite your reference and quickly download before this offer is over.

DOWNLOAD Stickman Ghost: FREE /One of the most immersive battle game characters of the rod “Stick Man ” is extremely attractive, giving you the best moments of relaxation with ghosts and fighting with your skills.

DOWNLOAD Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (Premium): FREE /Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (Premium) is a game developed from the genre of classic arcade games, old games but with new contexts, more vivid graphics, more modern and fierce fighting scenes.

DOWNLOAD Sudoku Zen: FREE (Reg. 21K)/puzzle game that’s too familiar to many people since sitting in the school chair, tearing each piece of paper to the player. This app includes 4 packages Sudoku with attractive interface for you to try out your abilities.

DOWNLOAD Empire Warriors TD Premium: FREE (Reg. 6K)/Are you fans of the genre of gamers into tactics and genre strategy real-time RTS? If so, Empire Warriors TD is the game for you! In the empire of legendary warriors, you will be overwhelmed by the ultimate 2D graphics. The game is a great combination of RPG and battle games, between defensive battles and fun experience moments.

DOWNLOAD Tower Builder: FREE (Reg. 6K)/Tower Builder is a highly entertaining game, the main task you need to perform is to build many high-rise buildings in your city.

DOWNLOAD Football Drama: 51K (Reg. 102K)/Not merely a football game, Football Drama also tells of the “real” stories about the managers under a fictional character Rocco Galliano and the club Calchester. Here, you will have to help this team return to the golden time, after convincing the CLUB boss to remove the former manager, and face many of the “dark faces” such as corruption, crime, drugs, etc.

DOWNLOAD Bulb Boy: 19K (Reg. 64K)/adventure title combining the hugely attractive horror element revolves around the character Bulb Boy. The boy’s family is gone and must be alone in the house full of demons lurking. The main task you need to do is help Bulb Boy overcome the challenges, search for the source of the light for yourself and rescue his relatives.

DOWNLOAD This Is The Police: 44K (Reg. 178K)/Law enforcement when seen in accordance with This Is the Police 2, the next version of the game many fascinating parts of This is the Police! Run your police station, manage the police officer, investigate, interrogate and arrest the crime. Make tough decisions-and don’t let yourself be in jail! -This is a game that combines adventure, strategy and turn-over melee.