How to fix can’t update the app on the App Store

Updating an app on the App Store will allow auto update to happen, every time an app is installed on your computer, it will automatically update for you. However, automatically updating your device will cause your device to be drained of battery power and sometimes this will cause you to get in trouble during times when not charging.

If the application updates are under your control, battery drain will not occur. And there are many people who leave such applications without updating. As such the applications will not get the features in the new update.

You may not know it, but sometimes you’ll get an error when updating an App Store app for no apparent reason. There are a few cases where this error is reported. This item is no longer available .

If you encounter cases where the application cannot be updated on the App Store, you can refer to this article. Here are some causes and how to fix the error of not updating the iPhone application.

How to fix can’t update the app on the App Store

Delete and reinstall the application

If you’ve ever updated an app on the App Store and found the app just rotated without seeing an update download, there are two causes. The first is probably because you changed the Apple ID on your device, there are some applications downloaded and used with this Apple ID. Others are used by the other Apple ID, and sometimes you change these two Apple IDs on your device.

And if so, there are applications that you will not be able to update because they are used with a different Apple ID than the Apple ID that you are logged into on your device. Now you only have to delete that application, then download it again with the existing Apple ID used on your device.

There is another reason: This item is no longer available, this error is the application you want to update is no longer available, so you will not be able to update the application. But you can still find it in the search bar, the fix is ​​to remove the application and reinstall it from scratch.

Check Internet connection

If you see the app keep rotating and don’t see the updated download, check your internet. Or at least connect to another network to update your application.

Reboot the device

This method is simple but it is used by many people and sometimes it is unexpectedly effective. You just need to turn your device on and off, or restart your device. You can refer to some of the instructions below to turn off and on or restart the computer.

Reset all settings

When installing an application or changing a certain setting, your device will be in conflict with the application on your iPhone, iPad, so you should reset all settings on your device. Return all settings on the machine to the original state of the manufacturer.

First go to the Settings app > select General Settings > scroll down and select Reset . Then click Reset all settings . If you have set a password, the system will ask you to enter the password of the machine, then confirm a final time before you agree to reset the entire installation.

In addition, for devices that are suspected of jailbreaking to fail, go to App Store > Update > click on the individual icons> select Purchased . Next the App Store will switch a dialog box asking you to enter a password to access iTunes, enter the password and re-enter them.

Pause and resume updates

If you see too long application download time, you can click on the download icon to temporarily stop updating applications for a while. Then exit the App Store, after a while, go back in and find the update to update the app.

Above are some ways to fix the error of not updating the application, not updating the application on the App Store. Hopefully, the above fixes for iPhone application update errors will help you to regularly update the application and use the latest from the publisher.

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