The best video editing applications for iPhone

The iPhone is gradually getting stronger, the camera in this Apple smartphone has also been improved to the point of being able to even shoot 4K video. All of these features make it possible for the iPhone to handle both video recording and editing. So, if you’re looking for aniPhone video editing applicationdirectly on your phone, here are seven of the best iPhone video editing apps.

1. iMovie

iMovie is part of Apple’s product suite for iOS (and macOS) and is a great video editing application for iPhone. With iMovie, you can import videos, photos and edit them with a simple interface. The application has the ability to trim videos, arrange them on the timeline and even add transitions (basic clips) to videos.

You can even add filters and themes to the project. In addition, iMovie will also allow adding text overlays and filters to each clip in the project.

In short, the app is definitely one of the best ways to edit videos on iPhone.

2. Videoshop

Videoshop is a powerful video editing application for iPhone that allows you to perform many operations such as recording videos directly with the application or importing them from the library, then adding text, merging multiple clips into one and Many more features. In addition, users can also add tilt shift to the video and transition between clips.

After finishing editing, the application compiles the video and you can add themes and filters as well as title, author name, etc. to the completed video. It also offers the ability to export complete videos to Dropbox, Photos or share on platforms like Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube and others.

3. Splice

Splice is a video editing application from GoPro, the company behind some of the best cameras in the world. You can import photos and videos into the application to edit them into a movie. The operation of the application is very simple: enter the video you want to edit and highlight the important parts (Hilights, as the application calls them) of the video. Then, add music to the video and the app will automatically record the entire video according to the highlighted Hilights.

You can then crop, add effects and text to the video, change the transition between the two Hilights. After you’re done editing, sharing the video with links or directly to popular services like YouTube, Facebook, etc. .. or save the video to Camera Roll. The app is a simple but powerful video editor that you should try on your iPhone.

4. Cameo

Cameo is another great video editing application for iPhone. The application provides very basic video editing capabilities but works very well with a simple and intuitive interface. If you just want to make a few simple edits on the video, Cameo is the perfect choice. The app can import photos and videos from Camera Roll and easily edit, add music, themes, and more. You can even adjust the intensity of the theme applied to the video to get the perfect effect.

When you’re done editing, you can share the video with Vimeo (if you’re logged into the app) or save it to Camera Roll. This application supports video output with 720p, 1080p and 4K resolution. 

5. Quik

Quik is another iPhone editing application for GoPro. With Quik, you can quickly create interesting videos with just a few clicks. The application has the option to import photos and videos from the photo library or account Facebook, Instagram. Once you’ve selected the photos and videos you want to edit, select the option to add Hilights to the videos (as in Splice) and the option to change the format. In addition, you can change the background music, title as well as add many filters to the video.

When you’re done, save the video and upload it to Instagram, Facebook, or share directly on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. or download it to your photo library.

6. Video Crop

Video Crop is a video editing application for iPhone that does just one task: trim videos. Intuitive interface, you just need to select the video, then select the area you want to cut. It is done. 

Choose Free to trim the video to whatever size you want or choose a fixed ratio from the top menu. 

7. Magisto

Magisto is a very simple video editing application. With this application, users do not receive any features such as adding text overlay, changing the tilt, etc. to the video. However, the charm of this application lies in its simplicity. In the application, you can import images and choose a theme for the video. When done, add music to the video, as well as options to decide how long the video should be viewed.

You can even add titles to videos at this time. Once you’ve made your selections, the app will automatically execute and send a notification when it’s done.

8. Videorama Video Editor

Videorama is another video editor for iPhone. After opening the application, users can choose one of three options: Landscape, portrait or square. Square is the perfect size for Instagram.

One of the best features of this app is the ability to download free videos and images from Pixabay. It also allows downloading of unlicensed video effects, sound effects and music.

On the editing timeline, there are a range of common editing tools including adding text, photos, music and filters. Tapping the video slider at the top will have 4 more tools. They include options to edit, delete, copy and add various transition effects to the clip.

The free version of the application allows users to create short 720p videos with watermark Videorama. Users can pay a monthly subscription to unlock all the features of the application. That will remove the watermark, provide access to premium content and features, enable 1080p 60FPS video creation and the ability to share content longer than three minutes.

9. Adobe Premiere Clip

You will need an Adobe account to use this application. Accounts can easily be created for free and offer 2GB of storage. Premiere Clip allows you to select media files stored on the device, in Dropbox account or in Creative Cloud account of Adobe. An automated tool will create a movie clip.

But the manual option gives more control over the final product. Users can select exposure, highlight and shadow effects for the video. It can also change the playback speed and create the same clips on the timeline.

There is a playlist available and users can easily add their favorite music. In the Settings section of the app, users will find a number of different filters and video effects.

10. FilmoraGo for iOS

FilmoraGo for iOS is really a magic video editor, allowing users to add beautiful effects to videos and photos. It is very easy to create a slideshow through this tool. It also features direct sharing to social networks or other platforms of your choice. This tool provides inbuilt themes to easily create a movie. Just add the desired media files and choose a nice theme for the movie. After only a few minutes, the movie will be ready to watch and share on social networks.