The top 10 highest rated iOS apps on the App Store in the past 10 years

Sensor Tower, an analysis company, compiled a list of the 10 highest rated iOS apps over the past decade on the 10th anniversary of the App Store launch. These applications all have high scores, ranging from 4 to 5 stars. Surprisingly, the majority of apps with the highest number of downloads do not appear on this list.

10. Wattpad – 4.6 stars

Wattpad is a huge library of books and free books for those who love to write, compose stories and love to read and read new books.

Wattpad appeared and was loved by many people even before the smartphone era began, so the iOS version of this application is highly appreciated.

Currently, users can download Wattpad for free on the App Store by following the link below.

9. Gasbuddy – 4.7 stars

Gasbuddy is an application that helps users compare fuel prices at petrol stations precisely with constant updates in real time.

Users can download this application for free by following the link below.

8. MyFitnessPal – 4.7 stars

This is an app that helps users manage their diet (calorie calculation) and exercise in detail to achieve the most effective weight loss and health promotion goals. Besides, the application also provides users with various in-app purchase options.

The application is completely free and users can access the link below to download and experience MyFitnessPal iOS version.

7. Spotify – 4.8 stars

This online music streaming service with this huge music store is quite popular on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Here, users can find the hottest songs, world-class music charts … and all the information about music worldwide.

Late last year, Spotify was also officially launched in Vietnam. Users can experience Spotify for free or can choose a premium account (about 60,000 / month) to use more advanced features.

Link to download and experience Spotify on iOS version.

6. Waze – 4.8 stars

Like Google Maps, Waze is also a traffic mapping application, but it focuses on the ability to detect traffic congestion to provide the most reasonable route for users.

Waze is completely free on the App Store. Users can visit the link below to download and experience.

5. Groupon – 4.8 stars

This is a popular “deal hunting” app in the US, providing users with information about attractive products and services.

Users can access the link below for free and experience this useful application.

4. Fandango – 4.8 stars

This is an online movie ticketing application and provides information about showtimes at cinemas completely free.

3. Domino’s Pizza – 4.8 stars

Domino is a famous pizza and fast food brand worldwide. And Domino’s Pizza brand’s ordering application is also very appreciated by users.

2. Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds – 4.8 Star

This application provides a lot of different sound effects, melodies, users can unleash create a lullaby suitable for themselves. If you often have trouble sleeping, insomnia, you can visit the link below to download and experience this application.

1. Bible – 4.9 stars

This application provides users with meaningful Bible stories in over 40 different languages. The Bible was highly rated on the App Store, gaining an almost absolute score with 4.9 stars.

Link to download and experience the Bible.

However, the order in this list is slightly changed in terms of the number of positive reviews, as follows: