Top 10 good apps for iPhone not to be missed

On the iPhone there are many great applications, interesting or special features. And really, you can browse AppStore to download the applications you like. But the applications that we wants to introduce below are very useful for everyone’s life.

And Asmart also wants readers to remember one thing. Phone or smartphone for our lives. Not forcing us to lead a life we ​​don’t really want.

Come on, let’s come with 10 cool apps for iPhone that make life more energy.

Bear – notes application

Opening this list will be a note taking application. An application perhaps that is essential for anyone. Whether you are a student, student, employee, or family support. You will need to take note of important and necessary things.

And Bear is a very compact and cute note taking application. Very powerful and flexible support feature. This application is only developed on iOS only.

Bear supports us to take notes quickly, organize them neatly. You can also easily export to a file for archiving elsewhere. Very convenient and necessary.

Link on App Store: Take me there

VSCO – outstanding photo editing

A photo taking and editing application with outstanding color quality by filters available. Although the filters on the photography app are very popular. But it is harder to catch the eye like VSCO.

By this application allows users to customize a lot of parameters. In addition, only the most used and highly rated filters are selected.

A note for you is that the Free version is quite poor. You should use the paid option or ask an account from a friend to have beautiful and genuine filters.

Numerous effects such as subtle, classic, sunny, … make your photos completely transformed. And you do not care about the icons in this application because it does not affect the quality of your photos.

You can download the app here

Google Photos – store and manage photos

Available for a photo / photo editing app, Asmart wants to introduce a photo storage and management app. Because of its dominant features.

Firstly, iCloud is limited, and you can’t push all your photos up there. Another reason, Google Photo is very smart and superior to the Photos app on the iPhone a lot.

You will feel like you have a great assistant to organize and manage photos. Very easy to use photo sorting application. At the same time, it also saves photos on cloud storage (free 15GB from Google Drive).

If you have a photo shoot at one location, Google Photos will combine photos of the day into very interesting short clips.

Link here, guys: Download now

SnapSeed – edit photos, from simple to complex

SnapSeed is a famous photo editing application, professional from Google. Originally, this was a paid app. But now all features are free.

This application has full photo editing features, from simple to complex. For example, cropping, rotating images, changing the contrast, increasing the detail, blur …

The hegemony feature is added with dual exposure that allows you to mix two images together and choose a blending mode that will satisfy those who love photography.

The “Face shape” feature is a premium custom for portrait photos. You can change the shape of your face, mouth, slimness, eyes, … Help create accents and show off your beauty in an impressive way.

Great, Download the app right here

Google Calendar – schedule and time management

Another application from Google and finally in this article. Asmart really appreciated it very much during meetings or meetings. Simply set the time and it will notify you.

All schedules and time management will be thoughtful and convenient. Ensure that your productivity and plan will be much more successful.

The specific features that Google Calendar provides are: reminders, shared calendars, real-time events, automatic RSVP support, custom daily goals and smart scheduling.

View and download the app at this link

Meteor – improve Internet connection speed

For those who use the Internet, they want a fast and stable connection. This free iPhone application will help you in improving the speed of Internet connection.

You only need to press a button to improve Wifi / 4G speed or reduce file download time.

Although free these applications have no annoying and annoying ads. Click the ‘Start testing’ button to start and click the performance test button to see the current Internet connection speed

Meteor’s download link on the App store View now

Spotify – popular music application

For those who are interested in listening to music, Spotify is no stranger. A popular music application around the world. Now back to Vietnam, it is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

You will need to pay to listen to many copyrighted songs. This is a way to support your favorite artist / singer.

The radio option is an interesting feature for you to discover new songs or good playlists. You can also listen to Offline music by downloading as Zing MP3 or Nhaccuatui.

Download Spotifi on the App Store

MyFitnessPal – Health care App

This is one of the most appreciated iOS apps throughout Apple history . A health care app, something that Asmart thinks is important to everyone.

Because of the busy life, many people do not understand that health is a bank account. Having taken out consumption without depositing savings. One beautiful day, you will have to pay back both principal and interest.

MyFitnessPal helps us keep track of diet, exercise regime very specific and in detail. It is very important if you want to gain weight or lose weight effectively.

Because if you want to gain / lose weight, you must know if you eat a lot or not. And this is calculated by the calories you consume and consume through exercise.

A great application like this one also has paid options you should consider yourself.

Link to download application here

Wunderlist – manage scientific work

An application that is suitable for those who have a large workload. Even if you want to increase your salary, want to do more, you should try this application.

Wunderlist is easy to use, it manages the work in the most scientific way. In addition, there are other advanced and advanced features as well. When the work is overloaded and exhausting, consider making arrangements, adding deadlines and making clear classifications.

This app prioritizes tasks by priority (importance) and deadline. Helping you calmly handle the turn, not hassle and forget work.

This iPhone app is completely free. Download now if you want to improve the work.

The link to download Wunderlist on the App Store is here

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds – alarm application

An ultimate app is an alarm application that helps you get up earlier. We all know early rising is a good habit. Is a habit of successful people.

However, one of the things that hinders us from getting up early is insomnia and trouble sleeping. And this app can help you improve that. Relax Melodies have very gentle sound effects, melodies and gentle brain passage.

Those sounds will be a song, a lullaby for you on empty nights. Sleep well to catch an energetic tomorrow.

The link to the App Store app is for you DOWNLOAD NOW