Top 6 quality Android phone screen recording apps

The need to record the operations on the phone today is quite large, since there are many applications that support screen recording for iOS or Android devices. After shooting, we can send videos to friends on Facebook, upload to Youtube especially for gamers or email videos. However, there are also many people wondering between hundreds, thousands of Android video screen capture applications, for example, do not know which applications require device root or not?

1. Screen recording of AZ Screen Recorder:

A favorite feature of AZ Screen Recorder is that you will not need to root your device to use it and can download it for free on your device. AZ Screen Recorder is a useful screen recording tool for devices from Android 5.0 and up.

The application supports video recording in HD or Full HD quality. During the recording process, we can stop or continue recording video as you like. If you need to cut video, save only the necessary video segments, AZ Screen Recorder can do it quickly.

2. One Shot screen recorder turns Android screen:

Like AZ Screen Recorder, we won’t need to root the device to download the app and use it for free. One Shot screen recorder has a simple user interface, with Android screen recording operations. We only need to perform 4 video recording operations with One Shot screen recorder only, including opening the video recording feature on the application, conducting recording, pressing the stop button and the video will automatically save, finally cancel. The video is recording if there is a need to save it.

Note , for those who use the free version of One Shot screen recorder, the watermark will appear in the video.

3. Record screen video with Mobizen Screen Recorder:

In addition to recording screen videos as the above applications, Mobizen Screen Recorder also supports Android devices connected to the computer to record movies or stream videos easily. We can send messages from the Android device screen, transfer Android data to a computer, watch live video being saved.

For gamers who regularly stream video games, the Mobizen Screen Recorder app will definitely be a useful tool. We can record the knockout phase of opponents, admirable achievements, or simply share certain fighting techniques in super-games like Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings, .. .

Mobizen Screen Recorder has a simple way to use. We just need to download the Mobizen Screen Recorder app to the computer, then register for an account and then connect to the computer to transfer images from the Android device to the computer if needed. Images or videos recorded with Mobizen Screen Recorder are of high quality, Full HD 1080 resolution.

4. Telecine Android Application:

Telecine will also help users to save the operations performed on the screen of Android devices, with simple operations. The application also supports free downloads and does not need root to use.

5. Application of ilos screen recoder Android:

The interface of ilos screen recoder application is simple and the usage is not complicated. The application does not contain ads, has no background function and is completely free to use for no time limit. After the video recording is complete, we can share or upload to Youtube, Google Drive, or Facebook.

When the video is finished, there will be no watermark even if we use the free version.

6. Screen Recorder Unlimited Screen Recorder Free Android:

Above are 6 applications that support Android video screen recording, recording all our operations on the device screen. Users can save any action, even stream gaming video screen, or transfer operation from device to computer easily. The above applications are completely free and will not need root device to use, so you feel secure when using.