Top application to turn pictures into paintings on phones

The application that converts photos into paintings, the application that converts photos into comics is the application used to convert photos into paintings in various styles. You can turn your photos into paintings like oil paintings, mosaics, sand paintings …

Simply, if you want something to stand out, you can use these apps to turn your selfies into photos with effects of all kinds of paintings. If you are looking for such a picture, please refer to the top of the photo-to-picture application below.

Synthesis app transforms photos into paintings on phones


MomentCam is free and one of the most popular photo-to-picture conversion apps on your phone. With a variety of comic and cartoon style photo designs with lots of emoticons.

You just need to choose a photo from your Photos library or capture it directly with the camera. Then transform your recently taken photos in a unique style with the painting effects available.

The remaining details are hand drawn as an available template, you can also add funny details such as beards, hats, eyeglasses … then select the background to decorate the image more vividly. Once you’ve finished your work, you can share one touch with your friends.

With MomentCam you will have the following main features:

  • Turn portrait photos into paintings or cartoons, funny animations.
  • Express your emotions and situations with vivid paintings.
  • Insert text into bubbles then add photo
  • Share animations and cartoons on social networks like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter …
  • Explore various topics by Manga / Anime genre
  • Change facial expressions in Face Edit to express emotions, sadness, crying …


Prisma is a photo editing tool that will help you turn photos into paintings in many different styles. This application is lightweight, but users will have to be connected to the Internet during the experience to apply online filters to images and when not connected, you will not be able to use them.

This is a photo editing application that complements Instagram and upgrade the quality of photos when sharing on Facebook. Although there are not many sophisticated photo editing features such as inserting text into photos, adding stickers, adding frames, borders … But Prisma has its own advantage of a special arsenal of painting effects and just a single operation. You simply have already applied.

The free painting effects in Prisma are based on famous paintings, some of the outstanding effects such as Udnie, Ghost, Rising in the Storm, Bobbie, Flame, Curtain, MIOBI, Mondrian, Paper Art, Roland, Red Head. …

You just need to touch an effect and wait for a moment, the effect will be automatically applied to the image and you can preview it on the upper screen. The annoyance is that these are online effects to download, so you’ll have to wait sometimes.

Pencil Sketch

Pencil Sketch is also quite simple to use as Prisma, this application will help you turn photos into a very unique sketch drawing. Working with a fairly simple way, you just need to select photos from the gallery or take a new photo with the camera to create sketch photos. Or choose photos in black or white color as you like.

And of course Pencil Sketch also indispensable basic photo editing features with a lot of features such as drawing, increasing / decreasing brightness, labeling, adding text, adding photo filters, white balance … After When finished editing, save the image to your computer or share on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … or send via message or Email.

Photo Sketch Maker

Like the photo editing app above, Photo Sketch helps users draw their portraits through painting or animation effects. With Photo Sketch Maker, you will receive special painting effects with artistic quality and completely free.

The application starts by selecting photos available on the application, or shooting directly from the camera. Then sketch your photos in different categories such as sketching pencils, crayons, oil paintings, watercolors … Next, save on the device or share on the linked social network.

Sketch Master

Sketch Master includes photo effects in many unique styles, combined with photo editing tools Booth. Allows you to turn ordinary photos into sketches or cartoon-style with over 40 different photo filters and is provided free of charge to users.

The main feature of Sketch Master

  • There are 5 ways to crop images in different ratios such as 1: 1, 4: 3, 3: 4, 16: 9, 9:16 and include 3 different image quality levels to save photos to the camera.
  • The maximum size is determined by the resolution of the device screen.
  • Allows processing images on multiple layers at the same time, may be limited by memory.
  • Support repeat, mix or arrange layers.
  • Image processing and adjustment of layer opacity with ease.
  • Provide users 7 free brushes including highlighter color pen.
  • Provide tools to insert text into paintings.
  • Use smooth and soft brush strokes like hand drawing.
  • Allow importing images from multimedia library of the device.
  • Take a new photo with the built-in camera in Sketch Master.
  • Save or share edited photos easily.
  • Choose colors with standard HSB color space.
  • Provide standard color.
  • Color picker with rich color palette.

Photo Cartoon Camera

Each filter in Photo Cartoon Camera will bring a different unique fun and will turn your ordinary photo into a worthwhile painting. It seems like it has just been completed by the hand of a famous artist.

The tool includes modern art filters, painting arts, popular art, film filters, cartoons, and dozens of filters for other beautiful selfies.

You will have useful tools after using Photo Cartoon Camera.

  • Set of artistic effects and filters to turn photos into cartoons, beautiful sketches of popular art style …
  • Built-in wonderful HD camera helps create beautiful selfies with photo collage, layouts and grid.
  • Gather many popular filters in a single application, including cartoon filters, art painting effects, sketch effects, modern filters …
  • Beautiful photo editor: Perfect and stylish selfie filters with color mixing filters …
  • Powerful selfie camera, dual exposure, fast shutter speed and lots of blending filters.
  • Easy-to-use photo editors with Blur Layouts, Photo Frame Blur, and Vignette Blur.
  • Friendly interface design, simple and beautiful.

Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo Editor is one of the most impressive and free image conversion apps. Apply artistic effects to many photos available on your camera or taken with the camera.

Then convert your photos into cartoons, sketches, oil paintings, pencils and more. Turn your photo into another world through the lens of your camera.

All you need to do is simply apply animation effects to photos in the library or with your camera. Then save the photo or share it on social networks or share it with your friends.

Hopefully, with these applications of converting photos into paintings, turning photos into cartoon images above will help you create many artistic drawings and share them with your friends.