Change language and Timezone Hotmail account in Outlook

After many improvements, Microsoft’s email service improved and became the second largest email service in the world after Gmail. Because there are many users so this service has a lot of language options to choose. It can be very common, when you login to our email, you will find another language. You need to configure it manually if you want to change it.

Sometimes, by default, they are configured in a language other than the user-managed language, which can occur due to a variety of factors, primarily due to the configuration in the computer or browser. But do not worry, changing the language of Hotmail email is a very straightforward process.

How to change the language when you sign in to our email from a mobile device

This is a very common problem among Android users and Apple devices, who are presented with this problem not only in Hotmail but also in other downloadable applications.

If we use the Mobile version of Hotmail, to change the language of a mobile application, we need to change the language of our device, as they are installed with the default language. Depending on the device we use, the procedure will change.

If our Smartphone or Tablet is Android:

We touch the Settings icon and then select “Language and input text.”

Click “Language”, the existing language will appear.

We choose and slide the language we want to put at the top of the list.

If our Smartphone or Tablet is from Apple:

We touch the Configuration icon, select “General” and then “Language & Region”.

Click on “iPad / iPhone Language” and select the language you want to configure.

We touch OK to save the change.

Once the process is complete, we can log in to our mail to verify that the configuration has been updated. In case, after a few minutes, the changes are not displayed, we can choose to restart the device or reinstall the Hotmail application.

How to change the language when you sign in to Hotmail email from webmail.

  1. We have to go to the browser and go to
  2. We proceed to login to Hotmail, enter your Hotmail email account address and password.
  3. You must select the Configuration icon, located in the menu at the top of your mailbox. And there, click on “Options”.
  4. Outlook Messages
  5. The menu of all settings in our account will appear on the left side of the screen.
  6. In the “General” tab, we have to select “Region and time zone”.
  7. As a first choice, we will see the language we have defined before logging in to our mail and in which all the content appears.
  8. We just click on the down arrow, where a list of all available languages will be displayed. We can choose even the Spanish of our particular country, or, neutral Spain.
  9. Then, you can select Date, Time format, and current time zone.
  10. We just click on the down arrow, where a list of all time zone will be displayed.
  11. Then, we have to select “Save” to finish.