How To Add or Remove Hotmail Accounts in Windows 10 Mail App

The Windows Mail App let you have access to all your different email accounts at one place, like from Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.Com, Hotmail, Gmail Accounts and other accounts. In this Windows tutorial, you will learn, How to Add or Remove E-mail Accounts in Windows Mail App.

Add Hotmail account from Mail App:

If you have signed into Windows using Microsoft account, then Windows has already set up your Microsoft Account into Mail App.

But if you want to add more email accounts from other email services, then follow these steps.

Within from the Mail app, click the Settings button from the bottom left corner, and from Settings pane, click Accounts, and then click Add Account.

You will be presented with the most popular email services provider, or if your email service provider is not in the list, then you can click on Other Account, to manually configure POP or IMAP accounts.

For instance, if you click on then you will be asked to enter the Login Credentials for your,, Hotmail, MSN account.

After filling the Hotmail login details, click the Allow button, so Mail App may access your account. If everything goes fine, then click the Done button, and your Hotmail account is now available in Windows Mail app.

To switch between mail accounts, click the Accounts button from the left side pane, and choose an appropriate account that you wish to use, and within a blink of eye, you will be in another account.

Remove Hotmail account from Mail App

To remove an account from Mail App, follow these steps.

From the bottom left corner, click Switch To Settings button, and from the Settings pane, click Accounts. Select the account from the list, that you want to remove, and from the Accounts settings window, click Delete Account. To confirm the changes, click the Delete button.

That’s it. So this is how you can add, or remove email accounts in Windows Mail App. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to have more upcoming tutorial videos. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!