How to change the design of your Hotmail account

Sign in Hotmail allows you to customize the interface, change the structure, layout of Outlook. So if you want to have a better experience, you can read instructions on how to log in and then you can change the Outlook at your disposal. The procedure is simple, but we will give you the most detailed information so that everyone can understand it.

The changes you can make are:

  • Choose how the reading panel of your messages will be displayed, or if you want to hide it.
  • Select the aspect of the letter to be seen: the first sender, then the subject, or vice versa.
  • Choose how the message will be organized in your conversations: new messages at the top or bottom.
  • Arrange your tray so that higher priority messages are displayed in a different tab, in addition to selecting the criteria by which they will be organized (date, sender, importance, attachment, subject or message size).
  • After viewing the guide, you can change the theme of your account. You can choose between placing a single color or an image as the title, the theme including the colors will dominate in your inbox.
  • Other changes, such as font size, are made in the browser settings you use.

How to change the layout of the inbox

  • Access the main page by typing “” in the search bar of your browser.
  • Log in, entering your email address and password. If you are still not sure how to do it, enter the tutorial on how to login Hotmail.
  • Once inside your account, select the Setting gear in the upper right part of the screen.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Display settings”. A menu will appear where you can configure, Click “Reading panel”. And you can either show the reading pane on the bottom or even hide it all together.
  • Click OK. Now you have a new layout.

How to change the inbox theme

  • Access the Hotmail page and log in with the help of the tutorial how to sign in Hotmail
  • Click on the Mail settings (the gear button) and select “Change theme”.
  • All the options of themes and colors that you can choose to personalize your mailbox will appear in a drop-down menu.
  • Once you click on the subject of your preference, you just have to select “OK” and the changes will be made automatically.

How to change the order of received messages

  • Access the page with the help of the tutorial of how to log in to enter your Hotmail mailbox.
  • At the top of your messages, click on “Filter.”
  • A menu will be displayed, where you can choose which messages to apply the filters and if you want to activate or deactivate the Priority message tray. You can also choose how to sort them and how they will be displayed.
  • Changes will be made automatically, the options that are activated will be shown with the popcorn.
  • The next time you receive messages, they will be displayed in the way you have configured them. You can change the look of your account whenever you want.