How to hide Hotmail Address from the Sign-in screen

Hi friends and welcome again. This is a short tutorial on how to hide your Email Address from the Sign-in screen. If you are seriously concerned with your privacy and do not want to show your Hotmail, Outlook mail address openly on the Sign-in screen, then you can apply a few simple steps to hide your Hotmail email address.

By default, Windows display your email address on the sign-in screen, if you are using Microsoft Account login into windows instead of a Local Account.

Click the Start button and then click Settings. Click Accounts icon and then from the left side pane click “Sign-In options”.

Scroll down a bit and under Privacy option turn off the option “Show account details (e.g. email address) on sign-in screen”.

Now, the next time at Sign-in screen Windows will no longer display your Hotmail or Outlook email address.

Hope this short tutorial will help. Thanks for reading and take care!