New Skype Meeting Button Missing in Outlook

If you have Skype for Business installed on your computer but in Outlook the New Skype Meeting button disappeared, I’ll show you how to restore it.

In order to restore the New Skype Meeting button, you have to go into Outlook as an administrator.

To do that bring up Outlook 2016 or whatever version you have. Right-click. Go to More and run it as administrator.

You’ll notice here in the calendar I don’t have the New Skype Meeting button. Go to File, Options, Addin and down at the bottom here it has COM Add-ins.

Hit go and it brings up a list of all the add-ins listed on your computer. You’ll notice here this Skype meeting add-in for Microsoft Office is not checked. Check that. Hit OK and now the New Skype Meeting button has been restored now.

Oftentimes this doesn’t work or it doesn’t save that setting permanently and there’s another trick you can do to solve that problem.

Go back to the same location. File, Options, Add-ins. Go to the Skype meeting add-in for Microsoft Office 2016. Click remove and then hit OK.

At this point make sure you close Outlook and reopen it again as administrator.

Go back to the same add-ins location one more time. Click on Go. Click Add. Browse to the C:, Program Files (x86 ), Microsoft Office, Root, and then either office 15 or 16.

Just pick the newest one and locate the UCAddin.DLL file. Select it and hit OK.

Close Outlook and then reopen it as a normal user and you’ll see that your New Skype Meeting button has returned.

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