How to send GIF on Hotmail use Microsoft Outlook

Are you a gif person or a gif person. It actually doesn’t matter because today we’re talking about the company Giphy and their latest offerings for outlook. We’re gonna show you how to spice up your Hotmail email.

Giphy is one of the latest crazes on the internet and you’re finding. It popup in all sorts of places the latest is gonna be Microsoft’s Office Outlook.

In order to install it, you can go to and basically set it up to run in outlook including outlook on the web.

A quick note you will have had to have your outlook migrated to the new system. So it should look like this.

If not you’re going to have to wait a couple weeks until Microsoft gets around to migrating your account otherwise, you won’t be able to install.

Once you do though in the store you just hit add and it’ll install it to your account. Once the app is installed you can then go to in the top bar.

You’ll have a bunch of add-ins Giphy will be one of the first ones and when you click it. It simply brings up the service.

If you’re not familiar with Giphy, it allows you to search for gifs on the internet and insert them into your Hotmail email.

So you Hotmail login, and in this case, I bring up the window and I’m gonna see what’s trending right now.

I can even go into settings and basically set some parental restrictions like cartoons. Only general audiences parental guidance or PG- so we’re gonna keep it.

On PG- here but you can, of course, set it to whatever you want. Once you go through here you can see what’s trending right now which gives you some good ideas.

But if you want something specific to say cats which are ever so popular. You can just search for that and you’re gonna get a bunch of cats basically memes and gifs out there.

I like this one with Stephen Colbert. So I click it and now it’s going to simply insert it into my email.

Once I hover over it, of course, I can also resize the gif to whatever size I want to which is pretty convenient.

If you want to add some text, and of course, now I can type in who I want to send this to along with the subject and send away.

And that persons are going to get a nice animated gif in their Hotmail email. It’s great for quick responses to things, to add some humor just basically enjoy Hotmail email.