Used Office 365 message encryption secure your sensitive email

The good news gonna able scratch surface talking easily secure email using new investments unveiling Ignite, within Office 365 partnership Azure RMS, secure encrypted email. So, just quick show hands, many know use IRM? How many use OME? How many use RMS? And How many idea three acronyms mean? All right good, okay admit.

So rights management services, information rights management, Office 365 message encryption. These number different technologies built Office 365, built top Azure RMS platform. With goal helping protect safeguard sensitive documents email communications flow Office 365.

And think email encryption protecting sensitive communications, really shortage motivations start thinking today. Whether large number high profile email hack attacks taken place making headlines seemingly every week. Whether ever-evolving requirements achieve privacy regulatory compliance.

Again, protecting gets communicated email even important. And adding complexity challenge fact cloud mobile world, border data information sit, longer edge firewall. It really just everywhere, real shortage reasons protect sensitive information email.

And email encryption around a long time, the breakthrough. And help mitigate risk many, many years. You certainly shared us number challenges faced In efforts try to implement email encryption scale users people communicate. First told us, hey pretty complex set, a lot moving parts.

And get set apps keys stuff implemented deployed, often hear users difficult use. You also shared hey, encrypted email often inconsistent experience decades.

Type something click sends, usually recipient end, something different go. For the sender, may extra steps need to add extra layer protection. And cases extra layers protection may incompatible devices, email apps, users, recipients trying use.

And last least, users may always know use email encryption. think put lot burden users right thing, cases users trying right thing. But asking things extra beyond normally done write type email message outside one’s higher sensitivity.

So today Ignite conference, want share hoping attack address lot pain points shared us around email encryption.

The value proposition wants land secure email works across devices, apps, applications use anyone wishes to reach. Whether folks inside organization today use IRM inside organization inside Office 365 tenant, works well.

But often breaks try thing people organizations, business partners. And even challenging try reach customers may using commercial mail service Office 365, may Gmail, may Yahoo!Mail, or So goal really making seamless easy users protect mail importantly ensure recipients receive read respond emails without additional friction.

So? Well, Office 365, together Azure information protection team, combined make number significant investments.

First, want to remove complexity getting started.

If tried use information rights management IRM today Office 365, may aware bunch steps need to go wire start working. We gonna remove complexity automatically enabling customers.

We also going add support BYOK. Many given us feedback hey, really love use key materials used help protect messages versus Microsoft issued key.

Well, shortly something available well. Secondly, terms attacking whether protect messages wanna make simpler users either manually protect the message, believe the lot will take place automatic protection. Let use power intelligence service things data loss prevention identify content inspection sensitive.

Really taking burden users way deliver promise third area investment. Which ensuring, automatic protection one users manually press protect button, high confidence recipients messages actually read.

Probably important part. So number investments starting talk today, many coming. We talked little bit automatically setting RMS. If already familiar IRM OME, demonstrate moment really taking best IRM combining reach OME single solution.

And includes working Office 365 tenants well reach scenarios BC hosted Office 365 platform. A value proposition wanna make today, hey, use Outlook, just doing work. There need install additional apps go additional steps. Imagine ease use users use familiar app Outlook, whether desktop, Mac mobile device, send receive protected mail without change way get things done. And many things talk thought best thing show demos.

So case gonna talk three pain points shared us existing RMS, IRM OME. One works inside the organization.

The second one necessarily works mobile email app choice.

And the third area necessarily thinks to reach customers, Office 365 protected messages. So take look will work. So, logged Contoso Corporation, Garth, marketing director.

And common scenario, working new product launch sensitive information want the safeguard to protect, still need work securely collaborate folks. So press release sends weeks time. going include new project team Office 365 group, well adding Riley, member Woodgrove Media.

He different Office 365 tenant, different Office 365 customer, supercritical participating, PR consulting firm help us make sure nailing messages press release. And highlight aspect shows, really sensitive wanna leaks, going manually apply Do Not Forward policy click Send.

Now normally, folks within organization trouble reading the protected message. But already set complex trusts federation Contoso Woodgrove, Riley different experience. So switch Riley, wait message go internet, important note part work removing need set

Manually set trust just gonna implicitly. And surprising, fact message Garth. And even though two different tenants, forward permission noted info bar fact try forward message unable.

Double-clicking attachment, hopefully, expect, documents, just mail message also rights management protection, encryption rights restrictions. And, see permissions applied Riley. And, Riley easily responds back say, looks great.

So just, demonstrated Wright management work box whatever moral equivalent Cloud two Office 365 organization. But another pane point shared us fact necessarily work users mobile devices. And Jose switch iPhone, talk Allie.

She member Contoso, works organization Garth go, love everyone use Outlook mobile app, much performs native mail app experience inside IOS.

And past tried to read the protected message using say native mail client iOS Gmail client Android, many probably experience read the message. It says install bunch apps forth.

To help address giving new option Office 365 tenant admin switch call server-side decryption policy enforcement.

Using secured channel EAS, unenlightened mail clients really clients ‘ aware RMS still receive respond back protected messages.

So, case, protected message Allie received a message, member Office 365 group see attachment. also, see Riley response. And message different way native mail app informs Allie. Just saw Riley note Outlook said hey forward protected. We added little banner says company protected message Office 365.

Now, Allie still productive go, Reply All, say take. And click send. But remember, forward the message, fact tries forward a message, Include attachment little bit salacious information. She wants share friend Sophia outside organization part mail thread clicks to send Office 365 service side will enforce the policy.

And just moments see Allie will get message back service saying permission send message fact message sent. And, nondelivery port explains Allie permission send a message. So, something optionally available.

And Jose switchback device? This something will optionally available turn users syncing Office 365 client. Jose, switch back number one?

Thank just close part demo. wanna show entire mail thread even though went BB, also enlighten native mail app, communication whole time, protected message.

Excuse, thread protected even though different participants. So think far? All right.

That coming soon. Yeah, great question, hey box today. What showing today hope customer preview end calendar year start rolling Early Q next calendar year. At end deck, actions participant preview program.

So the last demo wanna show final pain point. Reaching people Office 365. And, lot people top Office 365 great, fluid experience. But also no need to communicate customers partners may be using Office 365.

So case, Garth, wanna reach freelance writer see the help marketing collateral upcoming launch. Now, Sophia single person. She single company person, Office 365.

She uses Gmail account even though manually protecting message going Sophia Gmail. Because company Contoso crafted data loss prevention policy looks sensitive terms things bad leaks, case Project F code name new product release.

Then click send, service will automatically protect message behalf. anything. And, reasonably high confidence recipient experience fluid. So take look Sofia. So switched Google Chrome, signed Sofia Gmail account. When click refresh sees message Garth come.

Again used IRM today try to send someone outside organization IRM message probably familiar experience. It pretty jarring something allows recipient quickly read response message. Well, new experience providing. A new, clearer message.

We gonna allow customize, example. Put company logo things. Because of Google Chrome Gmail RMS aware, know decrypt native message attachment. This another IRM mail.

This OME, may familiar, Is completely different solution uses HTML attachments posted back service, blah, blah, blah. Instead, message normally sees IRM message. The difference added new temporary web view link devices RMS aware.

Say example, Sophia syncing mail Outlook Client iOS. That RMS aware app able render message just saw Allie Riley, Riley Garth appropriately Outlook Outlook web. So click gonna show another set investments integrating common federated identity providers.

In case, know Sofia coming Gmail account giving Sophia, option sign using Google account, still use one-time passcode chooses. When clicking sign tap sign Google account, probably familiar screen ever gone online properties allow sign Google, Twitter, Facebook MSA.

Here, one – time consent, saying going allow Office 365 basic details information.

When click Allow, just moments, will see message render inside web viewer.

And important thing look actually send forward message someone Google enforced. And see, actually grayed. see message restricted. Right, easily respond without taking many extra steps.

In fact, next time receive a message back Garth, just click the link, goes fluidly right message without additional steps. Pretty cool? All right.

So think almost time great call action rest today going forward. One, big part secret sauce behind Azure RMS good colleague, Goggin, partner crime Azure IP team. We want strongly recommend start thinking migrating enabling Azure RMS.

Particularly lays foundation interested things BYOK. The second thing, customer preview coming end calendar year. And interested joining seeing well investments making next three-six months, just simply send us to email ProtectEmailPreview